Kallarackal Team Development

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Describe up to three examples of how the advisor contributed to the development of chapter members.
(Response cannot exceed 500 words.)

One of the ways by which Eunice Kallarackal (Professor K) made a significant contribution to the development of our members was by investing her time and using her relationships to persuade other professors to volunteer in tutoring students prior to midterm and final exams in our study blasts. Our study blasts were hosted at six different campuses as part of our college project. The purpose of these study blasts was not only to prepare students to pass their tests, but also to encourage them to absorb the information presented to them for future use in their life and careers. Throughout this, Professor K displayed
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Although Professor K loves to see leadership from the officer team, she likes to be involved with helping the members participate and explore their natural abilities. She attended the officer team meetings with the administrators and librarians. Once she became familiar with facts regarding the project, she began to advertise on her own. Not only did she advertise for the event, but she encouraged members and students who were not members to volunteer as tutors. She explained to them how this would increase their leadership skills and how important it is to help others, even their fellow students. Because of Professor Kallarackal efforts, we had a huge turnout of members and other students attend to help others pass their…show more content…
She has a heart to see her students succeed, whether they be officers, members, or even students who are not a part of Phi Theta Kappa. She not only encouraged growth and leadership from the officers, but she expected it from members as well. When we planned our ice cream social for awareness week, Professor K acted as a liaison to guide and direct our officers and contributing members to the right person to make our event successful. She attended the event herself, and took note of the members who were participating. She participated in reaching out to students who were walking, encouraging them to join Phi Theta Kappa. Many of these students were hesitant to join because of the academic vigor it takes to join and maintain membership; however, Professor K simply told them to reach out to the members. She gave them confidence in the support of our organization, by assuring them that every member of Phi Theta Kappa looks to help each other succeed. As a result of her encouraging words, these students because excited to join Phi Theta Kappa because they realized it would be an organization that works to benefit and grow
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