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Chapter IV. Conclusion
My Story is the replica of Kamala Das’s psychosexual structure in patriarchal society. Das begins to write when she is admitted in hospital after a serious bout. My Story is the revolutionary product of patriarchal society as it breaks the canonical rules made by patriarchal society. In patriarchal society women are not treated as human being but treated as sexual object.Theyare forced to represses their sexual desire for outer goodness. Das presents herself as the revolutionary figure and reveals her psychosexual growth from her childhood to adulthood.
From her childhood, Kamal is the pathetic character. Firstly, she is the victim of colonialism. Secondly, she is deprived of parental love and care.Kamala tries to achieve
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Kamala develops the gap to the mother as she believes that mother has sent her far from her father and brother. Father and brother are her love objects. Quitecontrarily, the mother becomes the object of angriness and dissatisfaction. As a result, the two wishes; possessing phallus and receiving a child from her father remain strongly in to her unconscious mind. It prepares her for later sexual roles. This is true in the sense that she is also not free from this complexity. Kamala’s unconscious desire to have penis and receive baby from her fatheris not complete.Such complexity of receiving father’s love is replaced by the desire of receiving love from other male partners and giving birth to a son.
Kamala Das’sMy Story is the documentation of her psychological development fromthe childhood to womanhood. The sense of loneliness and frustration of her unsuccessful married life, creates various problem in her life. She suffers from the mental disease. She is sometime guided by death instinct and sometimes by life instinct. Anxiety and loneliness force her for suicidal attempt but her involvement in creative works, givingbirth to three sons and at last realization of value of life shows her victory over death instinct by life

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