Kamala Das

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Shodh, Samiksha aur Mulyankan (International Research Journal)—ISSN-0974-2832 Vol. II, Issue-6 (Feb.09-April.09)

* Dr. Bhosale B. S.
The poetry of Kamala Das has the unique place in Indian poetry in English particularly written by women poets. She has developed the feminine poetic sensibility. There is an expression of her personal and public experiences in her poetry. The ideas, which she has expressed in her poems and in her autobiography, My Story, appear to be similar. She has written a great deal of inward - looking or ‘confessional poetry’. Her poetry is confessional because therein she has revealed her secret thoughts and feelings. Whatever she has disclosed about herself does
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When soul-love is frustrated, lust becomes a subterfuge for the man of sexual passivity. The poet brings in silence as an influence that transforms loneliness into obsession with sex” (Nair, K. R. Ramachandran, 1993:9). She has her frustrated and disillusioned empty heart. She thinks that her husband

* Lecturer in English, Smt. Sushiladevi Deshmukh Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Latur (M. S.)

‡ÊÊœ, ‚◊ˡÊÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ◊ÍÀÿÊ¢∑§Ÿ (•ãÃ⁄U⁄UÊCÔ˛UËÿ ‡ÊÊœ ¬ÁòÊ∑§Ê)—ISSN-0974-2832,Vol. II, Issue-6 (Feb.09-April.09) is only a creature of lust. There are only animal passions in his mind and nothing emotional and spiritual. There are no feelings and emotions in her sexual partner for the gratification of her animal desire for sex. The Freaks paints a rather helpless situation when the man is passive and the woman is burning with desire but she becomes helpless. She can’t find the real love except sex and lust in her husband. Actually she is hungry for the real love, but she is deprived of this. As a result, she is tired of her life. “Kamala Das’ love-relationship is a complex phenomenon which involves tensions of different kinds. The basic tension is caused by her failure to get love in abundance which for her is synonymous with spiritual fulfilment.” (Amga, H.L., 2000:169) The fact that she is able to make this fine discrimination between love and lust in male-dominated society, it makes her realize that she is a freak.

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