Kamala's Journey In Siddhartha

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With every experience, there is a lesson learned. In Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, as the main character Siddhartha journeys through life, each experience he encounters teaches him a different aspect of the value of life. Through his relationship with Kamala he learns the importance of love, when he tries to commit suicide he realizes the beauty of life, and when he lives with the ferryman he is taught to listen and ultimately achieve the end goal to life, Nirvana. Primarily, Siddhartha learns the importance of love through his experiences with Kamala. Before Siddhartha met Kamala, he was not interested in love or in women, despite every woman’s desire for him. Hesse suggests this when he writes, “...I was taking the first step...It was my resolve to learn love from this most beautiful woman” (Hesse 56). Siddhartha was optimistic about his romantic relationship with Kamala and he had a desire to experience love with only her. Later in the novel, Hesse shows Siddhartha's longing for the experience of love after Kamala was bitten by a poisonous snake and she runs to the ferryman with her son for help. “Then he saw Kamala, who he instantly recognized...and…show more content…
Siddhartha tries to kill himself by placing his head under the root of a coconut tree that was submerged in water. He attempts to drown himself because he feels that he has nothing to live for and therefore death is the only answer. Siddhartha fails but through his near death experience, he discovers the importance of leading a meaningful life. “And now he had awakened and was looking at the world as a new man,” (Hesse 80). In coming close to death, Siddhartha looks at the world differently, more positively, because he now sees its beauty. Hesse demonstrates this again when he writes, “He praised himself… Now was all good” (Hess 87). Once Siddhartha found peace within himself, he was able to see the beauty around
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