Kamcir Zorack's Murder

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Then he unchained me from the all and told me to put all my clothes back on. When I was done he let me back out to the fled. Then all of a sudden I saw Kamcir Zorack coming my way. “So how was your punishment” he said in sexual voice. “Why would I tell you about the horrible things that happen in there!! All you are is a fucking bitch and you have the sickest mind I have ever seen a person have. You will never find out won't happen in the cellar as long as I am still alive!!!” I screamed at him. “You will tell me if you like it or not. I don’t care about your feelings and what you want. You are a fucking slut and you know it.”He yelled. All of a sudden he started to say well since you are 14 years old. Now you must go to school and learn how
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