Kameron Harris. Mrs. Thompson. Hist 102-10. 2 May 2017.

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Kameron Harris
Mrs. Thompson
HIST 102-10
2 May 2017

Conspiracy Behind the Legacy Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were two America’s greatest presidents. Many know Abraham Lincoln as the 16th President of America, face of US currency such as the bronze penny and five-dollar bill, and the President who freed the slaves. JFK was the 35th President of America, household favorite, and the President who saved the world from nuclear destruction. But deep inside the walls of the White House, the two Presidents had other motives for that occurred during their term and many people believe that it led to both of their assassination. JFK and Abraham Lincoln were American Icons, and their secret past seem to hurt their legacy in the afterlife.
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During his time in office, he was faced with major issues including the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Speed Race, and the creation of Peace Corps. He also played a huge role in the Civil Rights movement such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that Lyndon B. Johnson took over shortly after JFK’s assassination. During his presidency, there were a lot of speculations about how JFK was elected. The Kennedys had mob times with Sam Ginacana, a notorious mob boss in Chicago. It is said that JFK’s father, Joseph Kennedy, was affiliated with Ginacana during the Prohibition bootlegging alcohol. The stories from numerous sources state that the mob helped Kennedy win Virginia in the 1960 Presidential Election. Frank Sinatra, the famous singer, was the mutual connection between both parties. So, when people put the clues together, they figured JFK had some affiliation with the mob and he did. But was the universe hinting a possible parallel life between the two great Presidents? Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy had a parallel life pattern, which makes their lives an even greater mystery. First, JFK was elected one hundred years after Abraham Lincoln. As far as the world could see, they both impacted the black community from freeing the slaves to embracing civil rights. But even to this day in the South, anyone or public figure trying to help the African American society will face the fate of death. The South has

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