Kangaroo Flat Station Book Report

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Kangaroo Flat Station is on the eastern edge of New England plateau where the three rivers, the Hastings, the Macleay and the Manning, form three deep gorges.“ The watershed of this area drops in great waterfalls to the bottom of deep ravines then passes on its journey through The Falls Country to the sea”. The land is rugged and densely forested. The original inhabitants of the region were the Danggadi people, who lived here for thousands of years. There is evidence of their occupation, such as bora grounds, near Walcha. Geoffrey Blomfield wrote a compelling history of the Aborigines in the district, Baal Belbora, The End of Dancing, The massacre of a peaceful people. In his book, he documents shocking massacres by Europeans. John Oxley, Surveyor-General, reached Yarrowitch, a village close to Kangaroo Flat, on 17th September 1818. He wrote in his journal: “We this day saw a solitary native. He seemed more astonished than alarmed at the sight of our cavalcade, and expressed his wonder in a single succession of sounds resembling snatches of …show more content…

In 1840, Alexander Todd held east Yarrowitch, containing 32,000 acres, and Christopher Dawson Fenwicke held western Yarrowitch, containing 30,400 acres. Selectors moved into the district after the Robertson Land Acts of 1861. By the turn of the century, the district had begun to thrive. In 1948, the NSW Department of Lands purchased Yarrowitch Station, which was divided into 17 blocks and balloted out to returned soldiers. The property of Kangaroo Flat, near Yarrowitch, was subdivided into two properties, one of which Carmen and Geoffrey Blomfield acquired through the promotion method. This property had been owned by Henry Viner. The Lands Department stipulated that it was only suitable for cattle

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