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Do you really know your customers? In recent years, managers have come to realize the importance of measuring and maximizing the lifetime value of individual customers - and with good reason. After all, why spend valuable marketing dollars to attract and retain minimally profitable customers when you can spend the same amount - or less - to capture and cultivate more profitable ones?
The new model is customer lifetime value. This customer -centric strategy holds tremendous implications for managing customers for profitability. By understanding the principals, optimizing the use of databases, implementing best industry practices, and deploying the right marketing tools, you can make significant changes that will maximize your
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The name and concept were not accepted. As it is essential for Japan market, vast majority of companies are mostly market-share oriented, quantity-oriented, but not quality-oriented market. Consequently, this culture reflected in KDP conception. Company was very customer service-oriented, as long as marketing is not a customer centric organization, but centered about the product, marketing was unacceptable and recognized as a waste of time.
Considering these issues arises one of the major problems in the company, resistance to change. Kadagi had to adopt Change Management issues to this problem. Come up with a practical guide to implementing, managing, and communicating change in organization. Learn how to approach change with an open mind and use it as a stimulus to encourage new ideas and harness enthusiasm for further progress among employers and employees in KDP. Overcoming changes includes steps to help become change-ready and planning tools to address resistance to change efforts.
Change Management issues KDP 1. Communication.
Kadagi reported to CEO Kondo, major investors Japan Railways, and Japan Telecom. In addition to the AirTouch representatives, members of various KDP departments were invited by KDP senior management to participate on team.

2. Resistance to change As long as marketing is not a customer centric organization, but centered about the product marketing was unacceptable and

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