Kansas Education Statistics and my Student Observation of a First Grade Classroom

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In 1861, the Sunflower State was adopted into the USA as the 34th state. It is home to the geographical center of the United States and not to forget the largest ball of twine ever recorded. With its vast plains and prariers Kansas is the largest producer of wheat and is known as the ‘bread-basket state’. Many schools in this agricultural governance still base their hours around the harvest schedule allowing the children to lend a hand in the tradition of family farming. There is currently over 2.8 million Kansans calling this prairie land home. Kansans are predominantly white, Christian, republicans and have an average income of about 50k with about 11% below poverty. Recent educational report cards show the graduation rate is 86% with…show more content…
African-American students and students with disabilities had the lowest percentage rate in the combined curriculum scores.
When analyzing the reading scores within the state of Kansas I found that overall the students are passing with at least 85% of the students tested are at or above the standards. It seems Kansas is not meeting its levels within its racial divides though. Almost 16% of African-American students are not meeting any standards in the reading level but only 3.3% of Kansas white students are failing. These statistics do not completely match up with the economically disadvantage students, over.5% of these students are at least meeting the basic requirements asked of them in the 2009 AYP. Students with disabilities who are given the same tests as all students are also falling below our line of standards.
Our numbers are a bit different when comparing our reading assessment scores. Over 87% of the students tested at least met or exceeded the state standards. As shown before many of the children who are not meeting the criteria set are our African-American students. Only 66% of these students are meeting the requirements set by our AYP.
Haysville, Kansas is a thriving community that has lived up to our state motto, through the stars with difficulties. This community was almost completely wiped clean, in 1999, by a large tornado that barreled through the center of this small town. Now over ten years later

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