Kansas State University Parking Issues

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Many students at Kansas State University have a problem with having to hunt for a parking spot every time they arrive on campus. Buying a permit every year does not guarantee you a parking spot; it is more of a hunting permit. It does not seem to be fair that the university keeps taking away parking spots. Some of these spots were taken away in order to better the university with a new water treatment plant, but as the number of enrolled students is on the rise, the number of open parking spots continues to exponentially fall. Another large complaint among KSU students is the price of parking. We are proposing Kansas State builds a new parking garage to take care of the parking problems.
Figure 1. A comparison of parking garage availability
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This is a non-profit organization funded by donations and operated by mostly volunteers. There are GAB stations around Manhattan where the bikes are located. These bikes can be ridden by anyone as long as they are returned to a GAB station within four hours. Throughout Manhattan there are nine GAB stations typically containing 6 bikes (Green Apple Bikes). There are usually bikes around Manhattan which are not located in the stations as well, there is not a definitive number of bikes provided by GAB.
Green Apple Bikes help campus parking problems by allowing students to ride the bikes to campus instead of driving their cars. The students do not have to buy a bike or worry about maintaining it as this is all done by GAB. The problem with this system to solve the problem is there are not enough GAB to make an impact on campus parking. The other problem is the location of the GAB stations. The closest station to campus is one which is located at the Bluemont Hotel. There are no stations located within campus or any closer to campus. It is easier and faster for students to drive to campus than to use the GAB
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The problem with using the ATA bus system to solve the campus parking problem is the location of the bus stops, the time waiting for the bus, and the cost of the bus if the stop is off campus. The free stops on campus are only located within campus. Off-campus students will still have to find a way to get to campus to get on the bus. If a student wants to get on an ATA bus outside of campus they will be charged a fee. Another problem is students do not want to wait on the buses to get to their stop or if the miss a stop they have no way to get to
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