Kansas State University Scholarship Essay

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During the year of 2014 there were an estimated 112,600 architects employed and approximately 20% were self-employed. Architects have a high competition for jobs and job positions are estimated to increase seven percent each year (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Degrees for this field of study can be found at many colleges including Kansas State University. Kansas State is a great college that is full of opportunities for scholarships and has a wide variety of clubs and degrees. There are three major steps in becoming an architect. The first step is earning a degree the lowest of which and the lowest degree required is a bachelor's. In Kansas State a bachelor's degree is not offered. The main focus is a master’s degree that can be earned in five years. The second step is…show more content…
This club is designed to show the achievement, leadership, citizenship, and service to others of the members. Being selected is a very high achievement and is very difficult. The first step is filling out an application. Once this is done students are selected to be interviewed. Then only so many students are selected from the students interviewed (Kansas State). This club is similar to the NHS program in high school. There is also a bowling team at Kansas State. There is no fee required to join. The club is designed to bring people together and to meet new people (Kansas State). This club allows members to take their mind off of studying and get a break. While students aren’t studying and aren’t spending time in a club they are probably working. Fast food restaurants are usually always an option. A few well known fast food stops in Manhattan are KFC, Burger King, and McDonald’s. KFC starting pay average for a cashier is $8.28 an hour and $8.33 for cooks. The average pay at McDonald’s for crew members is $8.32, and $8.53 for cashiers. The crew members at Burger King make an average of $8.12 an hour for crew members, and the cashier makes
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