Kant And Aristotle Research Paper

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Both Kant and Aristotle put forth interesting arguments on not only what the good life is, but also how we as humans know what it means to be good and thus choose actions that would lead to us living the good life. Kant and Aristotle seem to agree that in order to live the good life, one must actually do good things. For them, living the good life is more than just knowing what it means to be good. They also agree on what things should be considered good, such as the virtue of honesty. However, these two philosophers disagree on how humans learn to do these said good things. Kant argues that humans know what is good through reason alone. We do not need to experience what is the good or right thing to do in every situation to know how we should respond to these situations in a good or right manner. Instead, Kant claims, the knowledge of the good is a priori and is a transcendental knowledge separate from experience. Therefore, humans do not need to be taught what is good because they can use rational thinking to determine what is good. Much of Kant’s claim is based on the…show more content…
Both of these components, acting and choosing, must be present for a person to live the good life. I agree with both Kant and Aristotle that it is not enough to simply know what the good is, one must act on this knowledge and do good things in order to live a good life. However, living the good life also relies heavily on choice. One must choose to do good actions or make ethical decisions in order to live an ethical life. Since one has the option of choosing to do good actions, one also has the option of choosing to not do good actions and the choice is entirely up to them. Therefore, it is possible for someone to have been taught to do good actions, but not live a good life because they instead chose to not do the good actions that they had been
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