Kant And David Hume Views On The Matter

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Humans make choices daily, both through reasoning and how they are feeling in that moment. There is a collection of external factors that result in choices that lead to an individual to both reason and feel some sort of emotion. Objectively speaking, there is a no fine line between reasoning and how one feels, however there seems to be a distinct difference between the philosophers Immanuel Kant and David Hume views on the matter. Both are life changing philosophers with very opposing views. One sees the feelings in human nature while the other seems to see nothing but rationality. One can argue both are used but according to these two there is only one or the other dominating the brain of individuals. Both philosophers give a compelling insight as to which is truly dominant, and out of the many examples they use to prove a point , there is a similar example put into both theories, suicide. This morbid topic is an interesting debate because many people have opposing views as whether it 's 's negative or positive, right or wrong, justifiable or injustice. Basically, whatever the morality of it is. I believe it is morally justifiable or permissible, based on Hume 's views and that he has a more humanistic and better approach than Immanuel Kant. To understand this, one has to briefly understand the ideals that both Kant and Hume portray. For Immanuel Kant, there isn 't a way to just claim someone is moral or immoral from subjectivity. There are laws in human nature that
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