Kant And Kant 's Philosophy

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Immanuel Kant was an exceptional philosopher who often fantasized about the wonders of the human perception. Through the power of imagination in the human mind Kant was able to postulate possible answers to the great questions of existence. He was daring and bold to wonder what constitutes the beauty of the human soul, how the existence of an all-powerful entity would be possible, and also what do human beings really do to perceive their surroundings. With such notable works as Critiques of Practical Reason, Metaphysics of Morals, and Critique of Judgement, Kant attempted to answer these great questions. Kant asked powerful questions, questions that would have and still do have a lot of controversy surrounding them today. Kant often debated the differences between rationalist and empirical approaches to philosophical issues. Not only were his methods ingenious, but additionally somewhat unorthodox. With this in mind, what did Kant exactly aim to why he abandoned traditional philosophical approaches in his works such as Critiques of Practical Reason and Metaphysics of Morals? Also what prompted him to answer such philosophical conundrums regarding the perception and experience of the self? And finally what exactly was his stance on perceivable reality and the complexity of our world? First, what inspired Kant to abandon traditional and established thoughts of philosophy regarding his views of the human experience? In order to think about this, one must consider the state of
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