Kant 's Deontology Theory And Ethics

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Kant’s Deontology
If a philosopher who follows Kant’s Deontology theory had to be one of the Jury member for a case in a court house that involves someone who the judge is considering to give the death penalty. The philosopher would agree that the individual should be put to death. For the reason that the individual broke the law and committed a crime that shouldn’t have been done be anyone who are govern under the law. Also the Philosopher would believe that the rules should be follow no matter what happen that cause the individual to break the rules in the first place. The Philosopher would believe that the person intention when committing the crime was not good so the individual would have to deal with the consequence of their action. For example if an individual was found guilty for planning to kill another person and end up getting caught. The philosopher would say since the individual was plan ways to kill the victim then their intentions was not right. The individual that is being charge for the crime intended to break the laws and murder the person so that the individual will not live any more. The prisoner had prepare different ways he or she wanted to try to take the life of another individual. As a result the prisoner would deserve to be punish and the charges that were bought on to the individual should not be drop. For the reason that the prisoner knows that he was breaking the law and he or she was intension was not to help the individual who end up being…
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