Kant 's Philosophy On The Metaphysics Of Morals, Categorical Imperative

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Through the studying of Kant’s work on the metaphysics of morals, categorical imperative is defined as an absolute command that must be obeyed in all circumstances. He stated it is a universal moral obligation because it is justified as an end in itself. In another word, if something is morally good it has the ability to will everyone to act in the same way regardless of their background, understanding or circumstances. For example, rational beings do not kill innocent children. This is the kind of moral thinking that every rational being can universally agree.
Unlike categorical imperative which is a duty based action, hypothetical imperative is an action that one performs based on one’s desire. According to Kant hypothetical
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According to Kant’s belief this man must turn his son in even if it is against his own instinct to protect his son. There are cases of parents, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives lied to authority to protect their loved ones. He can keep quiet and no one will know his son had committed the crime, he can conforms to the moral law and turn himself in as the culprit because somebody need to pay for the crime but at the same time he can still protect his son or he can do what is morally correct and turn his son in. What Kant proposed is to move beyond their personal desire to protect themselves and the one they love and simply do what is right.
If one is doing what is right only to conform to the moral law they are not necessary respecting that law. That person could also do what is wrong if necessary to protect themselves or those who they love. However, if one is doing something right for the sake of the moral law then that person would sacrifice everything for the sake of upholding those moral laws. In another word, even if that man’s wife threatens to leave him, hate him or even to hurt or kill him for turning his son in to the authority, he would still go to the authority to turn his son in. He has everything to lose by telling the truth but it is the right thing to do.
Kant believed that one should always tell the truth because it is morally correct. According to Kant’s categorical
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