Kant's Responsibilities

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The disparity and divide among various levels of the society locally and globally are rooted in many factors. Unfortunately, growing effects of globalization appear to widen the abyss between the rich and poor, leaving no hopes that eventually the world could collectively and uniformly prosper and poverty would be completely eradicated. The natural resources are not evenly distributed on the various continents on the planet Earth. While some countries enjoy the wealth and prosperity as a result of abundant resources, such oil and natural gas reserves, others are stricken by natural disasters and persistent droughts, having no access to clean water, fertile soil, or any sustainable means of existence. Blaming eruption of violence and flourishing…show more content…
What defines our responsibilities towards less fortunate ones? For once, we could utilize Kant's philosophy and strive to avoid using people as means rather than ends. In practical application, it would require that at the very minimum, the large corporations, which while seeking cheap labor, and higher marginal profits, move the production of their goods to the third-world countries, should ensure the safe and secure working conditions, competitive salaries, and at least emergency health care benefits to their employees. Moreover, providing educational opportunities for the employees and their families could enhance the company's morale and increase employee loyalty. Often, working in those notoriously known "sweatshops" is the only source of income for the head of household in the impoverished countries. Globalization and free market shifts could potentially help to improve the wellbeing of the most financially vulnerable layers of the…show more content…
That said, by acknowledging the role of the skill of money management in the personal financial state, I, by no means advocate, or support, exploitation of poor by wealthy. Moreover, I believe that each person has an innate entitlement to be treated with dignity and respect, and not to be deprived of opportunities to pursue personal betterment, as long as doing so does not result in harm to the surrounding people. However, I have not met yet a person, who became exceptionally rich just by working hard, with no input from other resources. Extreme wealth and prosperity come in a package, consisting of individual character traits, education, experience, networking, and a living environment. Not everyone can handle finances appropriately and manage funds in a profitable way, increasing its value in the long-term. For example, look at the winners of the Powerball. People, who suddenly receive the amount they have never even dreamed about before, often many millions of dollars, frequently, are not capable of investing their resources wisely, and after several years or even months of lavish spending, they end up with nothing, wasting all of their funds carelessly. This example suggests that attempts to achieve the distributive justice by taking money from the rich and give them
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