Kant's View Of Reasoning

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Through Kant’s views of reasoning, I believe that the ideal relationship shared between humans is based off of our unique ability to be able to decipher between information shared to us by others, though reasoning. There has to be a healthy balance between people that allows for communication. If you are used to having a higher power looking over you making your decisions, that no longer is a two sided relationship but a one sided relationship. Kant says that “it is difficult for any individual man to work himself out to the immaturity that has all but become his nature” (Kant 1). That immaturity that man faces, is the familiarization one feels when having others think for himself. The ideal relationship between other humans should work equally…show more content…
My next focus is how Kant rationalizes relationships amongst our government along with all higher officials. We have our ability to be rational by our choices, but without being able to freely voice our reasons what freedom do we have? Kant begins to break down the structure of the government, “our government hinders the way we think or argue publicly” (Kant 1). The government I feel also ties into how we listen or view religion and law officials, “Do not argue! The officer says, do not argue, drill! The tax man says, do not argue pay! The pastor says, do no argue, believe!” (Kant 2). Do not do this and do not do that, are restrictions to the freedom that we are to have. By saying drill, pay, and believe leaves no room for individual thoughts. Those words are instructions given by authority and expectations that are to be followed. Even though we are told we have freedom of our own voice, the different authorities and government work as a filter to keep and adjust material that best fits their likes. Basically, you are allowed to voice your own opinion, but must convert in the end to what the government wants, “Argue as much as you want and about what you want, but obey!” (Kant 2). With this I see it as the government looks at the people as
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