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Oklahoma Families and Their Children Putting it all together!! [pic] You are not alone! We are here to help! Early Intervention and Early Detection \ Shawna Tarrant CE240-01 06/18/2012 Professor Lisa Wright Where Do I Turn for Help? 1. In the state of Oklahoma we know how important it is to have the appropriate resources available to you for early childhood intervention so they can maintain a healthy learning, living and social environment. Our most popular and highly recommended is SoonerStart. This program will evaluate all children from birth up to three years of age to make…show more content…
There will be a meeting set up to discuss the concerns and leads as to where you should go from there. Remember that this is your child first and foremost; we just want to help in the process. Services Available 3. With SoonerStart there are several services available. We offer Speech Therapy-which will help with communicating with others. Psychical Therapy- which will help improve overall psychical strength and ability and improve large motor skills. Occupational Therapy- which will help with social interacting, and fine motor skills. As well as Developmental Therapy- this will improve the overall ability to be at age level in all areas of learning. We will work with you and your child as many times in a month that is allotted. We also offer other resources that will help place you and your child on the right path a few weeks before our services end. With the public school system here in Oklahoma we also offer these services as a pull out system which will allow your child the extra time needed to work on certain developmental areas while school is in session. These are more limited and the child has guidelines they have to meet before services could be extended. However, if these are not available there are many therapeutic offices that we will refer out to and get you with to continue on with intervention. Strategies for Young Children with Special Needs 4.

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