Karate School Shootings

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OVERVIEW School shootings, risky bullying encounters, emergency situations (riot, civil unrest, gang/crime related assaults, etc.) are the examples of unwanted events. How can you get away from escalating dangerous situations when they occur unexpected? A fight (for your safety and your loved ones') is the last resort to encounter evil act. The analogy tells that you do not expect your house in fire, yet you are prepared with a fire extinguisher. WHAT IS GOJUKAI KARATE-DO? Unlike most (in general) karate schools in the United States that practice modern karate if not sport karate, the karate that taught from this class is a traditional Goju-kai Karate-do. Go (hard), Ju (soft) and kai (style) teaches how to combine in harmony, both hard…show more content…
What the coolest are: He has been practicing for more than 37 years, taught by the best and also the highest rank in the country, Shihan Maskun Prasetia (Kyoshi (president of IKGA* Indonesia) – 7th Dan) and his traceable root of training from the founder of Goju-kai Karate (the late Shihan Kanryo Higaonna), as the sixth generation Goju-kai Karate student. Additionally, he practiced Wushu in Tai Chi category and succeeded as a Runner Up in 1994, made a team for 1995 World Championship in Baltimore,…show more content…
To be able to participate in these programs students are compelled to go through the Traditional Karate program. Note: • The class sessions are tuition FREE*, anonymous voluntary donation is not a must. Other training activities and events (belt testing, special training, intensive training, tournament, etc.) outside of regular training class carry fees due to administrative to association or affiliation. However, students are not obligatory subjects to those activities. • Students from previous martial art training are not privileged to carry over the previous belt ranking to this class without proper validation through testing standard of Goju-kai Karate-do. All students start without belt rank (kyu) no exception until the testing determines what belt rank a student entitles to hold in Goju-kai
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