Kardashian Pregnant Women Research Paper

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Is another Kardashian pregnant? Rumors swirl around Kourtney and her boyfriend.
Nicki Minaj will reportedly testify at her brother's child abuse trial.
‘I love you always,’ Coko & Mike Clemons celebrate 15th wedding anniversary.
‘George Michael is white?’ Stevie Wonder steals the show with his witty comment.
Malia Obama might be forced to testify against Harvey Weinstein.
Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian enjoy parents' night out with Bruno Mars.
Mel B. reveals how dad helped her through a divorce.
‘I feel our child,’ Gabrielle Union reveals she won't give up, despite she'd had 9 miscarriages.
Jeannie Mai reveals the real reason she is divorcing after 10 years of marriage.
Ronnie DeVoe and his wife break the silence on the birth of their twins.
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Mother of the alleged 12-year-old victim reportedly offered to drop the charges if she handed over $25 million.
'When we got married after dating for only 6 months, many said 'I give them 15 mins! They are not going to last!' Well, it’s 15 years later...'
The attorneys reportedly said, ‘we will talk to Malia ahead of future depositions’.
Serena says not even an amazing Bruno show can compare to mom life. Because spending time with Alexis is priceless.
She speaks about the death of her father and how it helped her to finally leave.
'It hasn’t been on my schedule and each time is like a little death. But I can feel her out there.'
'I want him to be happy, first and foremost and I cannot stand in that way. And he has to do the same for me.'
But the actual born day of their newborns remains a
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