Karel Zeman's Famous Film 'Cesta Do Praveku'

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This essay explains briefly about Karel Zeman and his famous movie titled ‘Cesta do praveku’. The movie is well-known as one of the best movies in the world that were meant for children to watch. Karel Zeman is one of the famous animators from Czech Republic. This essay is summarizes based on these following sources like Michaela Mertova via Velinger's article, Andreas Fehrmann, Petra Hubálková, Karel Zeman Museum’s article, Hans Henrik and André Crous.
In the history of Czech films, there are few animators that are famous similar to karel Zeman. Such animators like Jiří Trnka, Jan Svankmajer, Jan Werich, Karel Dodal, Hermina Tyrlova and others.
His career started in the 1940s to 80s. One of his famous movies is titled ‘Cesta do praveku’ translated in English language ‘Journey to prehistory or Journey to the beginning of time. Karel Zeman was born in 1910 and died in 1989. He formerly studied and worked in France. And finally settled in his home country in Zlin (Czech Republic). Previously, he worked in advertisement companies, but he was more interested in puppetry and animated film. Initially, Zeman used puppets in his
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The movie is generally known as one of the best in the world that were meant for children to watch. This shows how open-minded and creative Karel Zeman was. Because the movie was produced when there are not much highly advanced equipment in the production of films like in this present time. This shows that restrictions motivates originality in the production of Arts. The movie is totally different and has a delightful style. Which I find it amusing. The creatures were made in all diversities such as stop-motion characters, two-dimensional animated cut-outs, small and large puppets. The concept of four boys traveling the prehistoric eras is a good storyline. It is all about discovery, which is educational. In my opinion, I find the movie artistically

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