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Memo To: Ms. Boyce, Chief Executive Officer From: Student, Personnel Management Consultant Subject: Karen Carlin Case Study: Issue Analysis and Proposed Solutions Date: 21 October 2010 INTRODUCTION The purpose of this memo is to analyze and propose solutions for the issues Karen Carlin faces as she takes on the supervisor role for the schedule typist department of Hepplewhite & Boyce. The three issues to be analyzed are (1) lack of productivity, (2) insubordination and abuse of company resources, and (3) staff mismanagement. First, the problems will be defined and probable causes discussed. Then, recommendations will be made to resolve these issues. DEFINITION OF PROBLEMS AND PROBABLE CAUSES The problems identified in this…show more content…
She has also been known to report to work, only to leave the office for hours at a time doing personal errands. Pat is influencing the others to take long lunches and be late for work as well. This blatant abuse can be attributed to the following possible causes: 1. The employees are not challenged. 2. The employees resent management for not listening to their ideas regarding process improvement. Clearly, the insubordination and abuse of company resources cannot be allowed to continue. Staff Mismanagement And finally, there is the issue of staff mismanagement. The supervisor, Keith Frazier, is only checking in with this department one to two times per week. Mr. Frazier is aware that Pat is making international phone calls. He is also aware that Pauline found a way for Pat to make these calls from the building’s elevator once he had the phone system modified to only allow internal calls. Mr. Frazier has also been fielding complaints from the accountants about not receiving their tax schedules in a timely fashion. However, he has failed to confront either of these issues. This lack of management can be attributed to the following: 1. Mr. Frazier does not respect the type of work done by this department. 2. Mr. Frazier fears confrontation. Something must be done to allow for better management of the staff. RECOMMENDED SOLUTIONS Recommendations to solve the issues in the three areas

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