Karen Frank Response Paper

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The response from Karen Frank regarding medical information that she shared was that "when printing out information to send to various parties all of your information is on that page." The system does not have a process to edit medical information when printing. Monica Hamden shared a similar response and explained that Epic, the system used by the office does not allow for any other way to print out specific notes. Ms. Hamden stated that this a common practice in the office and she has never received a complaint from any other patient; adding that she "does her best" when sending patient medical notes, referring to Karen Frank. The response I received characterizes healthcare software as the determining factor in what was shared, instead of HIPAA guidelines. Early on DL cautioned that it was important to keep my appointments separate. Limit what is discussed during the comp appointment to only what is pertinent or specific to the work injury. Comp should not and does not need all of your information; only what is discussed during those specific appointments. HIPPA regulations are rather complicated. Concerning workers’ compensation, it is my understanding that patient medical information pertinent to the claim be shared, to the extent necessary for purposes to determine and provide benefits for work injuries and to provide payment to…show more content…
For example, the entries on the page that I do have, provided information to PMA and my employer specific information about drug testing or compliance screening, oxycodone appropriateness, scripts that were provided and electronic refills, etc. I inquired about the other 13 pages that were printed and time-stamped by Karen Frank and if they were all provided to another party. I asked for the complete 14 pages to be forwarded, faxed or emailed to me and did not receive
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