Karen Horney : Pioneer Of Feminine Psychology By Susan Tyler Hitchcock

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Belinda Hudson Psychology 2301/ Prof. R. Saenz 05/16/2015 Book Report I. Title/Author Karen Horney: Pioneer of Feminine Psychology by Susan Tyler Hitchcock II. Main Characters Karen Horney III. Setting/Time 1885-1952 The Life Span of Karen Horney IV. Main Theme The life and accomplishments of Karen Horney. V. Summary Karen Clementina Theodora Danielsen, was born in Germany on September 16, 1885. Born into a family of seven, only two of the seven did she know; her mother and brother. Her father was described as a strict disciplinarian, a Commercial Boat Captain, who favored her brother. This distancing of her father and preference of her brother caused her to become depressed. She would battle depression throughout her life. Karen began to keep a detailed diary at the age of 13. Her diary tells the tales of her journey through happiness, love, despair and her desires. She would write out everything she had wanted for herself in live and her ultimate dream of becoming a Doctor and how nothing would get in her way. Horney devoted herself to school and believing that, “If I couldn’t be pretty, I decided I would be smart.” When it was time to further her education and go to high school, Karen argued with her parents allow her to go. During these times it was uncommon for girls to continue onto high school and further their education. She had laid out an elaborate plan to educate
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