Karen Leary Case

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1. What is your evaluation of Chung's performance?
Chung has been operating under what he feels are the established norms for his culture. Ted's relationship with the Taiwanese client exhibits the Chinese management principles of paternalism, particularism, and insecurity. The patron-client relationship is based in a sense of mutual obligation, where the client is expected to defer to Ted's expertise and Ted is expected to trade the account responsibly. (Moorhouse, 2005) Ted also used social networking to establish himself in the community which is expected in the Chinese culture. By attending events Ted increases his “visibility and prestige” which contributes to the face that is needed to be considered a trustworthy business partner
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At a minimum Karen needs a mentor to train her on the Chinese culture if she hopes to successfully develop the Taiwanese market. It would do her good to learn a lesson from this experience also that if you plan on going into a market that is of a different culture ensure you make yourself knowledgeable about the culture and they way they conduct business.

3. What are the particular challenges and dilemmas in managing relationships with those who have different cultural backgrounds and working styles from yours? How do you, personally, deal with such differences?
I personally take pride in my ability to work in a multi-cultural environment; this ability did not come overnight or without learning by mistake. I spent 21 years in the U.S. Navy working with many cultures. I moved to Hawaii in 1982 and that is where my ability to understand and work together with different cultures was developed. I normally do not believe in stereotypes but found that military personnel and families stationed in Hawaii either love it or hate it here, there is very little middle ground. For the ones who hate it in Hawaii I seem to always see a common thread between them. They come to Hawaii from one of many cultures on the mainland and think that the people here should conform to their culture and lifestyle, when this does not

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