Karen Leary Case

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Problem Statement: Karen Leary (Leary) is unsure whether to grant Ted Chung’s (Chung) request for a private office. She is worried that awarding the office to Chung could cause motivation and morale issues within the other consultants. Hypothesis (H) (it may be) & Analysis (A): (H1) A breakdown of communication between Leary and Chung (A1) The case speaks a lot about the relationship between Leary and Chung and no issue is more evident than the lack of communication between them. As we went to in depth in class, feedback is a vital part of the employee/manager relationship. However, there is minimum feedback given either way within this case. The case talks of how Leary interviewed Chung eight times before hiring him and even then…show more content…
These issues have become a contributing factor in whether or not to give Chung the office. Because Leary has not taken, time to get to know Chung she is unsure of his motivations and how he may react to her decision. In addition, she is basing her impending decision on how she views the office as a motivational and promotional tool. She does not really know how her other employees view the office or what their motivations are. (H4) Chung’s lack of interaction within the office environment (A4) Leary has tried to establish a very close-knit work environment. When bringing in younger consultants she has had the older ones mentor and train them. By doing this, she has created an office that she calls a “family”. However, upon hiring in, Chung has always remained separate from the group. The case tells of how he does not socialize with them but spends most work time out of the office. In addition, He has refused to help others in lesser positions due to he feels that it is beneath him. By excluding himself from his fellow employees, he is keeping himself from being accepted by the group and keeping himself as an external figure within the group systems theory. Because of his refusal to take part within the team and group processes, Chung has not allowed Leary a chance to see how he interacts within the group and thus how him getting an office may be

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