Karen Perrault Essay

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Karen Perrault attended Jay High School in Jay, Maine from 1981 to 1985. She walked the halls of a newly built school, with one of the first dome gyms in the state, accompanied by her older brother and her best friend, Lorrina. She recalls the vast, green sports fields that surrounded the campus, as one of the biggest parts of her high school experience, for she suited up in her field hockey gear everyday in the fall and played on them with her team. As fun as the high school years were for her, she says that it was just another step on the path to being an adult.
What she credits as the biggest part of her high school experience is sports. She was a devoted field hockey player, track runner, and ski team member for the Jay High Tigers, all
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She was an all honors student and made the honor roll. One of her favorite classes was Biology. She liked it because is was captivating and hands on. Her biology teacher, Mr. Roy, still remains as one of her favorite teachers. He was such a good teacher because he didn’t put a lot of pressure on his students, he made his class fun, and was very laid back. One her clearest memories of high school academics happened in his class. In biology, they often conducted dissections. One day while dissecting eels, (which she wasn’t to keen on doing to begin with), Mr. Roy chased Karen around the classroom with a dead eel for a good five minutes! Another stand out class for her was freshman English. This class is fondly remembered because of the teacher, who made the class fun and really connected with her students, which didn’t happen so much when she was in high school. Some nights, Karen remembers coming home from school, and working on hours of homework until her eyes could hardly stay open, particularly in her junior year, which she claims was the hardest year of high school work wise. Getting good grades and putting in as much effort as possible to all assignments was very important to her. She was determined to graduate high school and go off to college, and she knew that in order to do that, she would need to work
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