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1.0 BACKGROUND Karex Industries Sdn. Bhd. was established in Malaysia of the year 1988 to manufacture high quality natural rubber latex condoms and other latex dipped products. The company produce a full range of condom variants to meet the ever changing consumer demands and they are managing over 15% of the world's condom market (Karex, n.d). Moreover, they have also expanded their customer base to accommodate individual retailers, government bodies and healthcare organizations to support the fight against HIV, AIDS and other STDs, as well as encouraging good sexual health and awareness (Karex, n.d). 2.0 TARGET COUNTRY According to Maslow Hierarchy physiological needs, it is suggested that the first and most basic needs of human…show more content…
4.0 SWOT ANALYSIS 4.1 Strength Analysis Malaysia is well-known for rubber product such as condom and been exporting condom country such as South Africe, Brazil, USA and Germany (Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council, 2012). Thus, Karex utilize the strength of the country to produce range of quality condoms. Furthermore, France-Presse (2012) said that Karex Industries Sdn. Bhd is producing condom for other companies under contract for years and this indicates that Karex have the expertise and experience to survive in the industry. In addition, according to China Research and Intelligence (2011-2012) China has been importing large volume of condoms from countries such as Japan, Thailand more. Moreover, research also indicates that Chinese people perceive the quality of imported condoms is superior to that the domestic product (China Research and Intelligence, 2011-2012).Therefore, Karex’s condom will be perceived as higher quality or better than their local made ones’. On top of that, Karex have more varieties as they have 17 types such as classic, powershot, rough and tough, with assorted colour, while Safedom (Safedom, 2011) have only 5 type such as classic, adventure and more. This shows that Karex could provide more choice and meet the ever changing demand of consumers. Furthermore, with 25 years of experience in the industry Karex have groups of qualified and experienced

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