Karl Emil Maximilian 's Theory Of The Sociological Movement

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Karl Emil Maximilian "Max" Weber was born on the 21st April 1864. He is renowned for being alongside Émile Durkheim and Karl Marx as one of the founding creators of the sociological movement (, 2015). The economist Weber believed that there were six different types of rationality, however only the formal and the substantive one will be covered. Former rationality is based on using rational steps to arrive to the wanted goal. Therefore it is based mainly on logic and past experiences, on the other hand the substantive rationality refers to problem solving by taking into context different values such as ethical or political ones.
The different management theories have been created to help managers in the way they approach and
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Both theories had the common aim, of creating the best possible outcome to maximize productivity.
The two theories go against each other as one regards humans more as machines used to produce the maximum amount of output in the less time possible, whilst the other believes that without healthy relationships the firm is destined to not work productively. Scientific Management can be seen as formally rational. It is focused on increasing the efficiency of workers, establishing a clear hierarchy and standardising jobs plus activities. All these steps are used to arrive to the aim of increasing profits. Taylorism is also known by Fordism and this is because in 1914 Henry Ford decided to use a moving assembly line to reduce the costs of the production of the cars (Scott & Storper, 2013). Frederick Taylor believed that the most efficient way for selection, motivation and development of labour could be proven scientifically (Taylor, 2004). Through Theory X he believed that workers are solely driven by the economic reward. Henry Ford decided to increase their wages as he believed that the economic reward would have motivated them to work harder. The steps undertook by Ford can be seen as rational as he wanted to increase his profits and by past experiences he discovered a way to decrease costs thus higher income for him. He analytically choose the best option to arrive to his objective.
In Scientific Management the performance of the workers is
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