Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels

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Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the infamous villains of capitalism, were authors who wrote The Communist Manifesto. Their theory argues that class struggles or the exploitation of one class by another will give rise to a new world order in which society as a whole will take control of their own destines. This involves the battles between the proletarians and bourgeoisie, communism and democracy, and final capitalism and socialism. However, since the times of Marx and Engel communism has been slowly dying. With the rise of capitalism and democracy has come the fall of communism and socialism. Why is that? Well when most people hear the term communism and socialism they quickly assume that it’s a system based on sharing and giving up one’s…show more content…
These words are thrown out interchangeable and without any attempted at understanding the meaning of the word. Some have even gone as far as to label a state that has socialistic ideas as a communistic state. However, each word has a different meaning and outlook on society. Throughout ages mankind has struggled to find the best form of government. In Western society the best from of government is democracy, and to the people of the West, democracy is a blessing. However According to Aristotle and Plato the best form of government is a mixed or constitutional one (Diamond 1999, 2). “Aristotle saw that in a state of pure democracy, where the multitude have the supreme power, and supersede the law by their decrees demagogues spring up, and democracy degenerates into a form of despotism (Diamond 1999,2)”. However, as Aristotle points out ‘in a state of pure democracy’ well lucky there are no pure democracies in the world. For example in the United States, people assume that their country is a democracy but really it is a republic. The United States is not a direct democracy; it is a mixed form where people are elected to represent the majority or minority in the government. “So in simpler forms we can think of democracy as simply the rule of the people (Diamond 1999,3)”. Now what about communism? Well before we can understand
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