Karl Marx And Max Weber Essay

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Karl Marx and Max Weber are two great sociologists of the 19th century. They have provided varying interpretations of the rise of capitalism, its nature and their ideas on how society changes. Less than half a century separated Weber from Marx. Published in 1867, the twenty-forth chapter of Capital presents Marx’ views on the genesis of capitalism. Weber’s views crystallized in his best-known work – The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism – where he traced the impact of ascetic Protestantism (primarily Calvinism) on the rise of the spirit of capitalism. While Marx’ interpretation was rooted in historical materialism, Weber rooted his in theology. Whereas Marx advocated revolution and transcendence from the capitalist society, Weber assumed that the domination of one human being over another is inevitable and thus, he believed that the system of capitalism should not be challenged. Marx fashioned a theory which emphasized on the regularities that underlie social change and that every society has internal factors that lead to its perishment. He argues that there have been other forms of class societies besides capitalism, where the ruling class lived off the surplus produce of the working class. The capitalist society has sprouted from the ruins of feudal society. It was a complex process by which capitalism developed out of the preceding form of class society. Although one cannot demarcate the lines of transition between feudalism and capitalism, we can certainly

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