Karl Marx And Max Weber

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The study of sociology has always focused on examining the many factors that compose society and the myriad of ways in which it functions. Karl Marx along with Émile Durkheim and Max Weber were the pioneers that are credited as being the founders of classical sociology. They were the first ones to thoroughly examine the complexities of society and create theories for them. The theoretical frameworks and research methodologies created by these sociologists were products of the enlightenment and are still studied and widely respected by scholars to this day. Although these sociologists agreed on some ideas, they also disagreed on many other assertions and were often very critical of each other. Despite their similarities and their differences, it is safe to say that the different theories of these sociologists hold a lot of truth and are worth analyzing when trying to obtain a better understanding of society and how it functions. To begin, German sociologist Karl Marx viewed the material world as the driving force of humanity and society. He did not consider religion to be as important and he believed that the fundamental characteristics of class-based societies were centered on the society’s modes of production, their means of production, and the social relations of production. Marx was critical of capitalism because of the class-based society it created and set forth his views of dialectical materialism in order to shift and change the modes of production. Under capitalism,
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