Karl Marx And The Communist Manifesto

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William Roubicek
Nick Adey
History 12 - Room 314
2nd January 2017
TITLE NOT YET FINAL On February 21st, 1848 the world was forever changed when Karl Marx published The Communist Manifesto, the ideas of a stateless and classless society would inspire many, and forge the path that many nations would follow, and give rise to numerous conflicts throughout the 20th century.

Karl Marx was born in Trier, Germany on May 5th 1818. During his early years he studied philosophy and law, in 1834 Marx had moved to Paris and had adopted a radical view of socialism known as communism. Marx met and became friends with a man named Friedrich Engels, who shared similar views with Marx. Marx and Engels joined a society called the League of …show more content…

Only given the bare necessities to survive, the proletarian would slowly lose all character and eventually become another replaceable cog in the machine . According to the authors, the bourgeois are now so powerful and wealthy nations of the world have to submit to them or be destroyed and they also use their wealth and influence to sway the politics of nations and they are now too powerful to disrupt their wealth. Clearly the authors believed that the situation between the bourgeois and the proletarians was serious, and it required a radical solution

The solution proposed in The Communist Manifesto to the emerging class problem was the installation of a ten step plan, that aimed to destroy the class system, private property, and the existence of countries and nationalities. The goals of the Communist at its basics were simple, “..the theory of the Communists may be summed up in a single sentence: Abolition of private property.”. However, in order for the plan to work, the Communists must help raise the proletarians to the ruling class in the battle of democracy. Once in power they would abolish private property and confiscate land from rebels and immigrants, and use the land to aid public purposes and improve the soil of bad land. Next would be to introduce a heavy income tax and abolish any rights of inheritance, all credit would then be centralized by a National bank introducing an exclusive

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