Karl Marx Was Wrong About The Utopian Society

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I do not think that Karl Marx was wrong about the utopian society he envisioned. We just haven’t gotten to a point in time that the utopian society can be realistically achieved. The overthrow of capitalism, when it comes, will proceed just as quickly and democratically as capitalism allowed. Out of the revolution will emerge a socialist society that will utilize and further the developmental potential taken from capitalism? Product will be directed to serving social needs instead of increasing profits. And the socialist society will build and alienation will be abolished.
Workers may earn more money today than they did in the last century, but so do the capitalists. The wealth and income gaps between the bourgeois and proletariats is greater than ever. The workers relations to their labor, products and capitalists are unchanged from Marx’s day. The only difference between today’s capitalism and Marx’s is because of a more direct involvement of the state in the capitalist economy. Plus Marx theories concentrate on the more advanced industrial capitalist, he never thought that socialism would be achieved in relatively poor, politically underdeveloped countries. Marx’s vision of socialism emerges from his study of capitalism. Socialism is the unseen potential of capitalism. For a more just and democratic society in which everybody can develop their own qualities of being human.
Capitalism raises a way of thinking, which gets people to accept what has happened and refuses the
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