Karl Marx and Frederick Engel Essay

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I believe that Karl Marx and Frederick Engel and W.E.B Du Bois are both right. They both had one specific goal in mind; social equality. Karl Marx and Frederick Engel wanted to close the gap between the ruling class and the working class. The working class were being overworked and underpaid while working in factories. Marx and Engels wanted equality in the society by advocating for a communist society, where all people have equal access to resources. W.E.B Du Bois wanted African Americans to have the same equal rights as the white men. African Americans were neglected in the American society and were not allowed the same rights as the white men. Karl Marx and Fredrick Engel are considered as the most influential figure in the history for…show more content…
Without economic equality in the society, freedom and political equality could not be achieved. The manifesto was to advocate for the redistribution of resources as the most effective way of promoting democracy far beyond the earlier democracy which is practiced in a capitalist society. Through the establishment of communist society, resources and social amenities such as education, health and housing could be provided on an equal basis . During the period of industrial revolution disparity level and social life was becoming hard for the working class. Thus, communist was considered as the solution to the social conflict that was prevalent in the society and the antagonist resolution between men and nature, necessity and freedom. They were right to advocate for the communist society to promote the welfare of the working population in the society. It was the best remedy of preventing the exploitation of the working class and ensuring that democracy prevail for all people regardless of their position and status in the society. W.E.B Du Bois was right to advocate for the abolishment of segregation of African American as a way of promoting equality among African Americans. African Americans were disregarded in the American society and were denied them privilege given to the white man. The experience of African Americans was worse
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