Essay about Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto

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Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto

The Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels formulates the basic concepts of Communism. Faith and reason can be used to explain parts of this document. The Communist Manifesto has definite views dealing with faith, and along with this, religion. In the Manifesto, Marx states that religion is not needed in Communism because a society under Communism is classless. Marx uses reason to explain what will happen to society due to the materialism of the Industrial Revolution. Marx reasons how society will become classless under the rule of communism. The proletariat, defined as the lower working class, will take over the bourgeoisie, defined as the upper class, because of the
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The upper class exploits the lower class, which is "In one word, for exploitation, veiled by religious and political illusions."3 Religion camouflages a method of manipulation that the upper class uses to its advantage while ruling over the lower classes. Delos McKown, a professor at Auburn University, enlarges this concept saying, "It cannot be denied that institutionalized religion has vested interests surprisingly like those of the ruling elite […] this amounts to the cant, deceit, and exploitation which Marx perceived in religion and for which he loathed it."4 The second reason explains that religion is an eternal truth and, "Communism abolishes eternal truths."5 These eternal truths that Marx refers to are the ideas that have adapted to all the changes in society in history and include such things as religion, morality, and philosophy. Denis Janz, a professer at Loyola University, reports that "religion is a product of society"6 and because of this "all traditional forms of Christianity are no longer viable."7 Eduard Heimann summarizes Marx’s idea by explaining that "religion is a phenomenon in history and, under the dialectical law of history, has its preliminary necessity and function, just as its final disappearance is necessary."8 Marx sees religion as just a method one class uses to control another class.
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