Karmic Justice In Stephen Crane's The Blue Hotel

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Karma has been a major part of human history, especially in Hinduism. Writer Stephen Crane, a student of Vedanta tradition, interprets the concept of karma in his story “The Blue Hotel”.
Crane shows how one incident can backfire in one’s life, basically proving how karma played a role in the Swede’s death. Crane shows how the Swede believed in the myth of the West by reading novels of the West and not by his personal own experience which made him alert and fearful.
Some readers of “The Blue Hotel” might see it as mindlessly violent. However Crane depicts violence in order to discuss the idea of karmic justice.

In Dayna Clemens “Night of a Thousand Crimes” on Detective Raymond Chandler, she notes that “the world of noir, wrongdoers are most …show more content…

In the article “Karma and Redemption:A Religious Approach to Family Violence” by James L.Cox, he explains how violence within families is increasing and says that “Karma means simply that deeds yield appropriate consequences.”(Cox 17). Similarly Crane uses violence in his story to discuss the aftermath. Crane’s philosophy has an factual element. Had this been merely a naturalist allegory, the author would have concluded with the Swede’s death and not included the conversation between the easterner and the cowboy. Despite the chaos and moral uncertainty, Crane rejects passivity. He embraces arrogance that humankind has ethical obligations.Proving that Scully and the other men should have helped the Swede justify his issue that Johnnie had cheated in the card game and the Easterner should have supported the Swede but he didn’t as he saw Johnnie cheat in the game and later confessed that Johnny was actually cheating. This would have never prolonged the Swede into a fist fight with Johnnie if the Easterner would have told the truth and by this he could also save the life of the Swede. There is a lot of mystery behind this as according to Karmic law this was a bad deed by the Easterner and he is responsible for the Swede’s death and soon justice will be served towards the Swede through Karmic

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