Kashmir : India And Pakistan Essay

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Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places of india which lies between Pakistan and india. It’s a heaven of the earth which embraces glaciers, pristine rivers and valleys, forests and green- biodiversity. but Kashmir is a reasean for stresses between Pakistan and india. This issue was started since in 1947 when india became independent by british impere. After that Kashmir has been becoming the concerning issue of both India and Pakistan. Eventhough indai is denying saying Kashmir is an international dispute but Pakistan always raises this issue as an international issue.
In this paper, I have tried to figure out the short historical background of Kashmir vally, why Kashmir is important for both India and pakistan?, what are the Kashmiris’ demands, what is the indian argument, what are the Pakistanis agendas , how to apply structural theory to reorganize kashmir, what is the outline for coexistence, recommendation for the further solution and finally there is a short conclusion part.

Historical Background

Pakistan became independent one day ago when india decleared itself independent from the British empire the following next day. But Kashmir was remaining independent territory until 1949. The histry of Kashmir goes back to seventinth century. Until 1846 kashmir was a part of the Sikh empire but the same year sikh had to fight with the british troops evantually they were defeated by the british. But there was happened an interesting game when the british sold Kashmir to
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