Kashmir's Conflict : The Conflict Of Kashmir And Kashmir

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Jammu and Kashmir
Dhruv Malhotra
In the summer of 1947, millions forcefully emigrated from India to Pakistan. People were uprooted from their homeland and sent to live in Pakistan. Some would travel on foot, some on carriages, but most by Train. The trains were given a warm sending off by the officials and sent on their way. As the train reached Pakistan, the doors opened and out flowed a pool of blood. Almost everyone on the train had been massacred. One of those people was my great-grand father. Thus escalated the great conflict between India and Pakistan, more specifically, the conflict of Kashmir.
Kashmir is a state India, that shares a border with Pakistan, and since the partition of India and Pakistan, it has been disputed land. Both countries claim the land is theirs, which as subsequently caused several wars between the two. My stance on the issue is to call for autonomy. To give Jammu and Kashmir self governance which will let the state make the decisions rather than the two countries. It ensures peace for the people of the state, rather than wealth for either country.
Kashmir was originally a part of India when the conflict began, though, due to its high Muslim population, it leaned more towards Pakistan. According to The Times of India, “53% of the population of Kashmir is Muslim” and wants to “secede to Pakistan”. However, the conflict arises because Kashmir is also a part of Jammu. The two combine to make one state with is effectively known as Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu, according to The Times of India, “wants to stay with India”.
India’s stance on this conflict is give a portion of Kashmir to Pakistan, establishing a line of control. Emigrating the Muslim population that wants to leave Indian governance for Pakistani governance. India wants Jammu and the majority of Kashmir, giving but a portion to Pakistan. Both countries prefer wealth over peace. Kashmir’s biggest imports are cloth, grain, salt and sugar. Which provide helpful to fuel the economy especially for the middle class that constitutes majority of the population of either country. India’s plan is to implement this concept and gain control of the majority of Jammu and Kashmir. If Pakistan were to comply with this plan, their objections

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