Kasich In American Politics

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Presidents seemingly visit a plethora of states. However, Brendan Doherty attempts to make sense of how travel shows the idea of the permanent campaign in American politics. Doherty first notes that in the last year of his presidency Bill Clinton visited Nebraska. Why had it taken so long for Clinton to visit Nebraska? The answer is for two reasons; Nebraska was (is) a solid red state, and Nebraska is a small state of little electoral significance (five electoral votes). Thus, Clinton’s lack of attention to Nebraska is used for Doherty’s larger springboard of what states candidates visit and when. Doherty discovers that candidates visit states most frequently with the most population. These states present fundraising advantages. However, Doherty…show more content…
However, I would like to extend his observations to primary campaigns using my own analysis. Recently, John Kasich came in second in the New Hampshire. Despite not winning John Kasich outperformed other establishment candidates like Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush. However, Kasich seemingly focused solely on New Hampshire conducting over 100 town halls in the state. Further, Kasich has attempted to present himself nationally as the most moderate of the Republicans. In my opinion, Kasich has done this strategically to win votes in the more moderate New Hampshire. The question remains though can Kasich carry this strategy farther. In my opinion, Kasich has to focus on Nevada and hope for a decent result. Further, Kasich has to strategically travel to the “Rust Belt” and the northeast to remain competitive. Thus, if Kasich’s strategic design of being more moderate to appeal he will have to continue to travel strategically in state’s that are more moderate. Likewise, I wonder if Hillary Clinton will adopt a similar strategy. I believe Hillary Clinton must be more moderate to route Bernie Sanders in the South by appealing to traditional Blue Dog Democrats. Further, Clinton has to begin to strategically travel to these Southern states immediately. If Sanders was to win South Carolina his message will become much more appealing in the South. Thus, it is imperative Clinton travels to South Carolina and halt Sanders’s
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