Kaskin Task Force: A Short Story

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No matter the time of day, or how hot the sun is, an alley is always dark and cold. No matter the amount of people on the street, an alley is always empty, it seems. An alley is the source of violence, nothing good has ever happened in an alley. Murder, theft, fights… they all happened in alleys. As Abigail stepped out of the alley, there was no sun to warm up her back; there was no instant increase in the rushed bustle of people. There was no change. Abigail’s entire world was an alley. She gripped tightly onto the handle of the briefcase she had retrieved, simultaneously attempting to look as nonchalant as possible. The street was quiet, too quiet. No one stopped to say hello, she watched a lady drop a carton of eggs in front of a tall,…show more content…
I hope you’re all there, because I have two dire messages for you. The first one is, we know where you are, and troops will be headed to your location shortly. The second item…” He smirked a little. “We want Abigail.”
Though he continued to speak, no one on the team was able to understand, except for Abigail, who was listening intently. After the hologram flickered away, Abigail turned to Ezra and signed something.
“She s-says to leave.” Ezra choked out. “She says to leave now and she won’t diverge our secrets. She says to go now, or she’ll… she’ll…” Ezra had tears in his eyes. “Or she’ll kill us.”
Gee stood and stalked towards Abigail, who had a fierce glint in her bronze eyes. Abigail stood as well. “Listen here, hot head. I don’t know what that guy said to you, but I’m going to tell you something loud and clear. So read my lips, sweetheart. We’re not leaving.”
And then Abigail threw a punch aimed directly towards Gee’s jaw, which she took the impact of all the way throughout her bones. Gee sent a kick aimed directly to her stomach, causing Abigail to fall to the floor as the others backed away towards the walls of the room. The ring on Gee’s finger tore through the skin of Abigail’s cheek as Gee hit
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