Essay on Kaspersky 2011 Review

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Using an internet connection could prove a disaster for your computer without anti-virus software. The unknown links, virus, Trojans and what not pose a serious threat to the working of the computer. Kaspersky has always been one of the best anti-virus software available. In this Kaspersky 2011 review, we would discuss about this software’s advantages and assistance.

If you are looking to protect your computer from unwanted intrusions, Kaspersky is to trust. Although Kaspersky has always been given its users the best, this new Kaspersky 2011 is an improved version and much more user-friendly. First of all, you need to install it in your computer. You can either download it online or buy a box copy and follow steps of the wizard to
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However, when you computer is idle, Kaspersky runs a scan on its own without disturbing you and popping a scan window while you’re working. There are options available for those who want a quick scan for only new or changed files. Furthermore, there is a safe mode you can run your anti-virus in. It protects you against potentially threat-posing sites. Another attribute of this software is Vulnerability Scan that tests security vulnerabilities. In addition, it also includes a gamer mode for people who like to play without any interruptions.

Parents can control what your kid can use in the PC. The parental controls restrict sites and you can even control the download of files and transfer of data. You can keep a watch on your kid by checking in the sites he visited, messages he sent and files he downloaded.

Kaspersky 2011 is full-proof. It has taken measures to make certain your PC is secured against the malwares. It has a virtual keyboard for the user to enter private information like passwords, bank accounts without being detected by the keystroke recognition malwares. Just click on the virtual keyboard and you can safely avoid recognition of your passwords.

Kaspersky manages your computer better than any other software in the market. It has broader coverage range this time with defense against hackers, spyware, spam, frauds, and malicious code. The software gets updated by the Kaspersky Lab’s database and information is