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Kassatly Chtaura ABSTRACT In April 2013, Kassatly Chtaura, a family-owned company of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages headquartered in Chtaura, Lebanon, faces a dilemma. It is doing well with regard to sales and market share and has succeeded in building a solid income. Meanwhile, the prior year’s numbers show dim growth performance, and the family is unsatisfied about sales of its syrups, juices, ready-to-drink beverages and wines have reached a plateau. Should the firm extend its supply network or manufacture a new factory and move some operations to Angola or Saudi Arabia? They are in distant locations with distinct cultures, although these are assuring markets. Or should it stay put and expand its operations by introducing…show more content…
Undoubtedly, one of the advantages that Kassatly Chtaura has, is how they shape their strategy, implement new drinks according to market trends and its innovative position in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They have been receiving much recognition for the ingredients that are used in its production. The same laws have specified restrictions on alcohol and energy drinks, and that's where Kassatly Chtaura could find the right time to launch its various products in Lebanon and in turn be related to Saudi Arabia, which provides an advantage to position itself in the group GCC in the Middle East. However, the tension is handled in the country of Lebanon and in the closest countries. Is a rapid change that may arise from the overnight, so achieving manufacturing in another country where it is not fully understood the culture, the rules and laws governing, is a risk that can be significant in the formation of an expansion in Saudi Arabia or in Africa as an emerging market that is growing nowadays. Kassatly Chtaura is a company that has taken advantage of the situation, resources and the regions where they can make some investment to prop up the finances and not fall into a low development of innovation in the products they handle. Implementation of vodka, energy drinks and even some alignment with the wines have kept the name Kassatly Chtaura outside the Lebanese community, and internationally, they have achieved some recognition.

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