Kat : A Best Friend

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Walking across the smooth, pine, hardwood floors and up the cream colored, just-steamed carpets brought back memories, but Phillipa wouldn’t allow herself to reminisce now. Kat had called her here for a reason, though she sounded unbelievably distant due to her raging fever, and Phillipa had to fulfill her duty as a best friend; they take care of each other when they’re at their best, and their worst. Kat was currently at her worst, and home alone. Moreover, because Kat was too ill to care for herself, Phillipa would have to take over for Kat’s extremely inattentive parents, as was the norm in their friendship. Kat’s parents worked in the city; her father, an engineer for a big manufacturing company, and her mother; an art director.…show more content…
Underneath the recently acquired hangings was the old wall, painted, repainted, and still unfinished; a great unrestrained mishmash of colors that represented Kat’s mood. There had been so many of the depressed hues casting unhealthy opalescent reflections onto Kat’s pale, unhealthy skin last year. The rest of the room was a multitudinous arrangement of various furniture; chairs, modern and antique, gifts from friends and family, holding memories from years past and present, oak shelves full of creaking leather bound scientific journals from aspiring botanists who’d given up on their hobby, torn books of copious varieties, ranging from journals people had kept and sold, wanting to forget their contents, to fairytale books with crayon pictures scribbled in margins that smelt like decades old wax, all worn from exposure to mildew, giving off the aroma of dewy basement. Kat and Phillipa could be found pouring over the books for hours, having sleepovers at each other 's’ houses just to finish them. They both loved the stories the books held, the information that could be learned about subjects of any kind, and about the original owners’ lives. Other assorted items were strewn about the room; a record player with a large collection of records dating as far back as the 1920s and up to the 21st century and slightly warped records like Saturday Night Fever and Billie Holiday stacked underneath

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