Kat Street-Porter's Article On Banning Smart Phones From Under-18s

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Sir, With interest, I have read Janet Street-Porter’s article about banning smartphones from under-18s, however, I disagree with some of the points that she has made and developed. Mainly, I believe that this issue is not a government issue and that this is more to do with parents and their children. It is the government’s job to control and make decisions regarding the country, while it is the parents’ job to control their children. Firstly, I disagree with the point that was made saying teenagers should be banned from using smartphones until they are 18. “Remove smartphones from the hands of under-18s and maybe they will grow up to be less dumb.” I feel that it may be too harsh to do so as they are required some form of entertainment which is easily…show more content…
“They have no qualifications. They are illiterate and innumerate.” I disagree with this point. Many people have phones and can still keep jobs; especially younger people. She has also stated that they can’t hold a conversation. I believe that people can be even more social with phones as they allow them to have conversations easily with people in other countries. Finally, Street-Porter has ended her article stating that “smartphones are spawning dumb children.” I do agree that children may spend too much time on their smartphones, however, their parents have a right to control what their children do and how much time they spend doing it — there is no need to talk about something as extreme as banning something that isn’t a big threat. As said, there are much more efficient ways of solving this problem. In conclusion, I believe that smartphones should not be banned. As stated earlier, this is more of a parent-to-child problem than a government problem and, therefore, should not be taken so seriously and harshly. Yours faithfully, Anthony
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