Kate Chopin 's An Hour, And Tillie Olsen 's `` The Yellow Wallpaper ``

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Women’s Liberation The subject of feminism has evolved into various complex theories. In addition, feminism has also been a heavily debated issue that has been around for numerous years. The argument of feminism is that women are, and always have been throughout history, treated differently than men by society. Therefore, women are being stripped down of opportunities to their benefit economically, socially, politically, and culturally. Since there are multiple theories on feminism, Donald Hall’s definition of cultural feminism, from his “Feminist Analysis” of Literary and Cultural Theory, will be used to explore the cultural aspects of the texts from Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening, Charlotte Gilman’s short story ”The Yellow Wallpaper,”…show more content…
There are multiple examples of where this is evident in the stories. It also states, “ evidence of one woman’s determination to meet her own economic, psychological, and eventually emotional needs in ways that challenge certain norms” (Hall 203). There have been brave women that challenged the norms of patriarchal society. These women realized that this oppressive society treated them unfairly, and they could not take it anymore. The novel, The Awakening by Kate Chopin, it portrays a woman in the process of discovering herself and becoming self-aware. Through time, this woman realizes that she has lived senselessly, under the illusion that life her life is great. So she must “wake up” of course, and become conscious of how unfair society is treating her. During an argument, her husband thinks, “ It sometimes entered Mr. Pontellier’s mind to wonder if his wife were not growing a little unbalanced mentally. He could see plainly that she was not herself.” (Chopin 62). The integrity of her mind has been fine, the husband is just misunderstanding the transformation of his wife become a new person that is self-conscious and rebellious. This is an issue because he does not understand his wife’s needs and wants. His wife just ignores his commands and continues to do as she pleases. Society and her husband makes the assumption that, “If it was not a mother’s place
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