Kate Chopin 's The Locket And Desiree 's Baby

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Kate Chopin’s “The Locket” and “Desiree’s Baby” are two stories where heart-rending news changed main characters ' lives. In the beginning of the both stories love between couples is described. Desiree is happy being wife and mother to newborn male baby while in "the Locket" Edmond is constantly thinking about his sweetheart Octavie. Both stories touch different sides of love, which appears fortunate in "the Locket", but destructive in "Desiree 's Baby". In “Desiree’s Baby”, Armand begins distancing himself from his wife and son because he notices the baby is black. In “The Locket”, Octavie is trying to deal with grief to her beloved soldier because she got the locket she gave to Edmond back in the mail, indicating his death. Both stories have unexpectedly shocking endings: in "The Locket" it turns out to be astonishingly happy one, while in "Desiree 's Baby" the ending is devastating. Skillfully using similar literary elements in both stories, Chopin represents different outlooks on life for the audience by enriching them with astonishing endings.
Foreshadowing is one of the most influential literary devices of classic literature that Chopin masterly uses in both stories. At the beginning of “Desiree’s Baby” Chopin foretells a tragic, vicious ending, but doesn’t let the readers to make a straightforward conclusion about it. Chopin gives the clues about the disclosure of Armand’s black ancestry from his mother’s side throughout the story as she constantly relates

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