Kate Chopin 's The Story Of An Hour And The Storm

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Kate Chopin’s short stories testify to display to the readers her viewpoints about love, sex and marriage that one is not usually aware of. These three topics all tied together. Typically, it’s easy to think that when you love someone you get married to them. You only commit yourself to them and no one else. Of course not all marriages work out but that’s life. In two particular short stories though, it establishes the struggle for woman around the 1800’s. Kate Chopin’s “The story of an Hour” and “The Storm” demonstrates the dark side of love, sex, and marriage. In both short stories, love is not as easy as it seems. In the first short story “In the Story of an Hour” Mrs. Mallard doesn’t display much love for her husband, even when she had heard he passed away. Chopin started that Mrs. Mallard “and yet she loved him—sometimes.” (2). For Mrs Mallard, she found it hard to love a man that caused her to feel trapped. The feeling of having her husband meant that she didn’t have to depend on him anymore. As for Calixta in “The Storm,” she honestly seemed very happy being with her husband. There isn’t much talk about what Calixta feels towards her husband but the fact that she could easily sleep with another man then brush it off as nothing says otherwise. As stated in the end of the story, “the storm end and everyone was happy” (6). It seems both Mrs. Mallard and Calixta ended up being happy not because of being with their loved one, but the fact they got to express themselves

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