Kate Chopin 's The Story Of An Hour

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Death is a common concept with common reactions. Society expects the response to the death of a spouse to be one of tears, depression, and years of mourning. However, the first time someone feels relief or happiness at the news of his or her spouse’s death is suddenly viewed as inappropriate, so it must be kept on the inside. The problem is that the reason behind the happiness is often forgotten to be analyzed. What was happening behind closed doors? What was the marriage representing? Mrs. Mallard is an important example of this in Kate Chopin’s The Story of an Hour. She just received the news of her husband’s death and is obliged to weep at once. Nevertheless, once she gets away from the pressure of the onlookers, she finds more happiness than sadness in which she cannot fully express outside of her room. Therefore, the main conflict originates with the gender issues shown throughout the text. These issues include a married woman’s identity loss, entrapment, and feeling of being unloved.
Even though men and women are living in the most liberal times than ever before, the majority of females continues to take their husband 's last name. This began many centuries ago because the husband was the only one who needed an identity, and it shows how the loss of the wife’s identity is instigated as prompt as the wedding day with her name, something she has had all of her life. Chopin shows this by addressing Louise Mallard as Mrs. Mallard throughout the text until paragraph

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